Sega’s Total War Battles: Kingdom goes into open beta status for the PC client

Back during this year’s GDC conference Sega announced a new addition to their Total War franchise for mobile gamers called Total War Battles: Kingdom. This, however, isn’t just for mobile gamers but for PC gamers as well since there is cross-platform multiplayer functionality that will be coming with Total War Battles: Kingdom.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Total War Battles: Kingdom will be the second title from the franchise to be on mobile devices. Unlike the first game, this won’t just be a standalone mobile title but instead will be a full cross-platform multiplayer RTS game, or basically an MMORTS-esque type of game. Since a lot of the processing will be server-side, this means that visually Total War Battles: Kingdom will look a hell of a lot better than the previous Total War game on Android. This installment takes place in England during the 10th century and finally brings Android gamers closer to the PC version of this franchise.

Today Total War Battles: Kingdom begins its open beta testing phase but it isn’t for the Android client. Instead it is for the PC version of the game. However, since this is cross-platform in both multiplayer gameplay and login, if you plan to play this game on your Android device then this is a great chance to get a bit of a head start with learning all the details and intricacies of the gameplay that will be coming with this game ahead of the Android version launching.

This is a free-to-play game so downloading a copy will cost you nothing. Remember, this is for the PC version. When the beta begins for Android, we will post an update. You will need a Steam account in order to be a part of the open beta. The other important detail to note is that the open beta will initially begin in select areas but will expand slowly as time passes to new regions. You can see if your region has access by checking the list Sega has released. There is a good chance your region has access.

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