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Hardware News

HTC reveals the Consumer Edition of their Vive VR headset. Pre-orders go live in 6 days.

HTC has shipped out two developer kits for their upcoming Vive VR headset that they have been developing since last year with Valve. Well it looks like consumers will finally be able to get their hands on their own headset soon as both companies have revealed the Consumer Edition of the HTC Vive. On top of that, pre-orders will be going live in just over 6 days.

Game News

The Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now comes with Windows, Mac, and Linux Steam keys

Usually during the second week of any Humble Bundle, whether it be a mobile one or a themed one or any other type of bundle, there is usually additional games added to them. While this still could happen with the current mobile bundle, anyone who has purchased or will be purchasing the current Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now has access to copies of all the games on other platforms.