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How to redeem Steam codes on mobile app

Using Steam on mobile is a bit of a hassle, even when it comes to figuring out how to redeem Steam codes on the app. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, you’ll likely have found issues with attempting to redeem codes. 

Well, worry no longer! If you’re still struggling, we’re here to help. If you want to know how to redeem a game or wallet code on the Steam mobile app, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re wondering how to redeem codes, simply follow our list of steps below. 

Redeem Steam Wallet codes in mobile app

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem Steam game codes in the Steam app. However, you can enter Steam Wallet codes in the mobile app across all platforms. 

This means that top-ups can be added straight through your mobile app. However, if you’ve acquired a game code from a friend or another service, you have to redeem it in the browser. 

Don’t worry, if you want to know how to do that, keep on reading. Firstly, though, we’ll teach you how to redeem wallet codes! To enter wallet codes, simply follow the steps below. 

  • Make sure the app is installed (Android link here)
  • Open the app
  • Navigate to the “Store” option from the sidebar
  • Click on “Account Details”
  • Next to “Store & Purchase History”, you’ll see “+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet”. Click on it. 
  • Click “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”
  • Input your code and you’re done

How to redeem game codes on mobile 

In order to redeem a steam game code on mobile, you’ll have to use your browser. For some reason, Valve has refused to add the ability to redeem steam codes in the mobile app despite fans asking for it. 

With this in mind, to redeem a game code, follow this link here. Once here, follow the instructions below. 

  • Sign in to your Steam account
  • Input the authentication code sent to your email 
  • Redeem your game code 
  • That’s it! 

It’s not exactly ideal, but this is the best option we have for redeeming Steam games on mobile. Hopefully, one day, Valve will update the Steam app to support this. 

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