Day: 26 May 2015


Joycity releases Dungeon Trackers on to Google Play

Released by Joycity, Dungeon Tracker is a Dungeon Crawler crossed with a Battle RPG. Players will assume the role of a summoner who catches and controls the summoned creatures, in order to overcome enemies through building up a deck from those cards; regarding the creature cards, there are over 300 within the game which are all controlled through a tap and swipe system in battle.


Battle Camp gets their “Domination Content Update” released

For those of you who play Battle Camp and haven’t played in a few days, there has been a new update that was released a couple of days ago called the Domination Content Update. This update brings a new Conquer event to the game where players will be competing with other players in order to capture elemental towers. Holding towers earns you trophies and capturing all five towers will give you a big boost to your troops as well.


[Update: Released] Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11.0 update will finally be jumping out of beta and going live this week

If you’ve been in the version 0.11.0 beta since it began a few months ago, you’ve probably been enjoying a lot of the upcoming features we’ve been reporting on. Well it finally appears that everyone without beta access will be able to play all the new features in version 0.11.0 soon as the update will finally be leaving beta and going public onto Google Play later this week.


Mega Pang Galaxy bring Super Buster Bros style gaming to Android but with a twist

For those of you who used to drop many many quarters into arcade games back in the day, you may remember a game called Super Buster Brothers (or Super Busters Bros depending on how you like to call it). If you don’t know what Super Buster Bros is, it was a fun arcade game where you control your little character who is equipped with a grappling gun of sorts. Depending on whether you have certain power-ups, you would shoot your gun and it would go from the floor of the stage you were on to the ceiling and would either stay for a few seconds, disappear immediately, or have a few other effects.