Day: 3 September 2015


Looks like a variable amount Google Play gift card is coming this Fall

Right now if you want to buy a Google Play gift card to use, or to give to someone else as a gift, you have a set amount you can buy. The most common denominations being $10, $25, and $50, although there are others out there as well. However, if you want to do an unusual amount for some reason, you don’t have much option outside of either rounding up/down the amount you want to buy in order to fit one of the current Google Play gift card denominations. That, however, looks to be changing this Fall.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Door Kickers Will Arrive Next Week for Android

Many moons ago, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, was a popular game franchise. It was well-revered on PC, and made its way to consoles as well. There have been very few titles for Android gamers, that fill the void for tactical-team action. KillHouse Games released Door Kickers late last year. It is a top-down real-time strategy game involving a SWAT team. It started off on PC and was quite successful upon release. It made its way to iOS earlier this year, and will finally arrive on Android devices next week.