Day: September 3, 2015

Game News

Noodlecake Studios and Ravenous Games Release Infestor for Android

Noodlecake Studios has been releasing more games for Android recently. Following the excellent game Framed, that was released last week, comes Infestor. Infestor is a game that was created by Ravenous Games. Ravenous Games is known for their games League of Evil, Beatdown and their Random Heroes series. Infestor is a platforming game that fits right into the family of great releases we have come to expect from both companies.

Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] The Enchanting and Peculiar Game The Deer God Comes to Android This Week

The Deer God, which is being published by Crescent Moon Games, had a successful KickStarter Campaign back in 2014. 2,801 people backed the game so it could be created. It has an unusual premise, perfectly painted pixels, and a main character that roams the earth on four legs. Sound intriguing? If so, get ready for the release of The Deer God on Android this week, September 3rd.