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[Update: Game Released] Coming next week, Sega’s Total War Battles: KINGDOM has an official release date

As we previously reported on here, Total War Battles: Kingdom is a new Real-Time Strategy game coming to Android. Set during the Middle Ages, players will over see the growth of their own kingdom, Players will have to oversee multiple facets of their territory, ranging from its economy, its population growth, building towns and castles, and even expanding its borders.


Sega has a new Action-RPG heading to mobile this Winter called Fortisia. Possibly only in Japan though.

Lately Sega has been on the receiving end of a sort of love/hate relationship with mobile gamers on both major platforms. Sega has released some pretty fun games so far, as well as some pretty not-so-good titles. So lately mobile gamers have been a bit back and forth about their feeling for Sega. Well the company has a new game coming to mobile devices which is an Action-RPG called Fortisia. What’s even more interesting is that from what we have seen about it so far, it actually looks really good.


Violating Consumer Trust: How Apple, Electronic Arts, 2K Games and Capcom are Undermining Digital Distribution

The lack of consumer ownership of digital content has long been a precarious condition that gamers have had to accept if they wished to purchase and play their favorite software titles. Be it an unfavorable end-user license agreement (EULA) or digital rights management (DRM), corporate entities have endeavored to convey that consumers do not own digital content, but rather license the content for an indeterminate period of time, during which the rights holder can terminate said license with impunity. Don’t believe me? Here is a snippet of Rockstar Games’ lengthy EULA.