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Sega’s Football Manager 2016 will be arriving onto PC and mobile in November

Sega’s and Sports Interactive’s popular football management series of games called Football Manager will be getting a new addition this November. Appropriately named Football Manager 2016, this new addition to the franchise will bring with it a few new features, while expanding on a lot of the currently existing ones as well. However, how it all will be released will be completely different than what you are used to.

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Angry Birds joins Sonic Dash in celebration event for breaking 100 million downloads

A couple of days ago we reported on Sonic Dash and the fact that the game has broken the 100 million downloads mark, which is the total amount of downloads across all platforms. At that time there was mention of a special event that would be taking place to celebrate this feat, and that there would be special guests showing up. However those special guest were not announced and wouldn’t be until today. So who are they? Well it is the Angry Birds.

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Sega has removed additional games from mobile markets

A week ago today Sega took the first steps in removing games from both Android and iOS marketplaces that don’t meet their new standards for mobile games. While Android only saw two games disappear, those being After Burner Climax and Jet Set Radio, iOS users saw a lot more games go poof. Well a week later more games have been removed from both platforms for the same reason.

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More details released about Sega’s upcoming Monster Gear title for Android

A couple of days ago we reported on a new game heading our way from Sega called Monster Gear. This game is described as a “hunting-action” style of game, similar to other titles out there like Monster Hunter. Well now there are some new details about Monster Gear available and as it turns out, it may not be as similar to Monster Hunter as we may have originally thought.