Day: 17 September 2015


Square Enix cancels Final Fantasy Agito but it will be ‘reborn’ as something else

Last year Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Agito, which was only released in Japan before a Western release was announced during E3 2014. Since then nothing has been announced as to when the game would be arriving in the West. We now know why the radio silence was happening, because Square Enix is cancelling Final Fantasy Agito. Have no fear though, it will be ‘reborn’ as something else instead.


EA’s Need for Speed: No Limits is now available for pre-registration on Google Play

EA’s next installment into their Need for Speed franchise has gone live on Google Play for pre-registration. For those of you not familiar with this game, Need for Speed: No Limits has been in development for some time now, originally being announced last year, then finding controversy over the fuel system, and finally going into soft launch in select regions in February 2015.


YouTube Gaming will soon allow for native streaming of Android games

The rush to see who can capture the mobile game streaming market is heating up even more. Currently Mobcrush is still only available on iOS, the company is still working on a beta for Android. This leaves Twitch and YouTube Gaming as the front runners to capture the Android market share for mobile game streaming. DeNA does have their app as well, called Mirrativ, but as it stands that application still needs a bunch of features.


[Updated] Popular bar Golf game Golden Tee will soon be coming to mobile devices

If you’re over the legal drinking age in your region and happen to visit pubs/bar on occasion, then there is probably a good chance you’ve seen a Golden Tee arcade game sitting there calling your name. Golden Tee is an incredibly popular Golf game that also has networking and online tournaments (for cash prizes too), so you can compete against other folks who happen to be playing while drinking at their favorite pub. Well now the game is expanding its reach even more with an official mobile version called Golden Tee Mobile.