Day: 25 May 2015


The Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now comes with Windows, Mac, and Linux Steam keys

Usually during the second week of any Humble Bundle, whether it be a mobile one or a themed one or any other type of bundle, there is usually additional games added to them. While this still could happen with the current mobile bundle, anyone who has purchased or will be purchasing the current Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now has access to copies of all the games on other platforms.


[Update: Released] New puzzle-platformer Epic Eric will be landing on Android next week

Developed by 232 Studios, Epic Eric is a new puzzle-platformer that will be arriving onto Android next week. In this game players will be assuming the role of Eric the Knight, or Princess Erica depending on which way you want to roll, with the goal of rescuing your beloved. Depending on who you are playing as, that will end up either being Eric the Knight or Princess Erica.


Sega has removed additional games from mobile markets

A week ago today Sega took the first steps in removing games from both Android and iOS marketplaces that don’t meet their new standards for mobile games. While Android only saw two games disappear, those being After Burner Climax and Jet Set Radio, iOS users saw a lot more games go poof. Well a week later more games have been removed from both platforms for the same reason.


[Update: Winners Picked] [US Residents Only] Enter for a chance to win a Portal-themed T-shirt from

Nvidia is getting ready to launch their new Shield Android TV console, which will allow us Android gamers to not only play Android games but PC and console games as well, depending on the system/service you use with it. Between that and Zen Studios getting ready to launch a new Portal pinball table that they worked on in conjunction with Valve, there is a lot of non-Android specific gaming heading our way soon. Since a lot of people are fans of Portal, we figured giving away some Portal-themed T-Shirts would be a fun thing to do.