The Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now comes with Windows, Mac, and Linux Steam keys

Usually during the second week of any Humble Bundle, whether it be a mobile one or a themed one or any other type of bundle, there is usually additional games added to them. While this still could happen with the current mobile bundle, anyone who has purchased or will be purchasing the current Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now has access to copies of all the games on other platforms.

Depending on which tier you purchased, you will now have access to those games on three additional platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.  So what started off as strictly a mobile-based Humble Bundle has now turned into a multi-platform Humble Bundle. There is still the original nine puzzle games by Artifax Mundi this bundle launched with last week, so in terms of titles there hasn’t been anything added yet.

If you have already purchased this bundle, you should now have the Artifax Mundi puzzle games you qualified for accessible on all of those platforms as well. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you will gain access to the games you pay for on Android as well as those three additional platforms.

Official Website: Humble Artifex Mobile Bundle

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