Day: 23 June 2016


Sci-Fi Strategy Game Space Hulk Launches on Nvidia Shield

Set in Games Workshop’s iconic Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk is a tactical board game in which a team of Space Marines go into battle against ferocious alien Genestealers aboard a labyrinthine derelict spaceship. Originally released in 1989, it’s won legions of fans worldwide, with subsequent updates selling out almost as quickly as they’ve been announced, and now you can enjoy its tense, claustrophobic action on Nvidia Shield.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Caterzillar from Noodlecake Studios arrives tomorrow for Android

Noodlecake Studios has been extremely busy this year. A legion of fans are awaiting the arrival of Super Stickman Golf 3 in July. That’s not too far away, but in the interim, you can pick up a neat little game called Caterzillar, Thursday, June 23rd. It is a collaboration between Noodlecake Studios and one man studio PixelZapp! This cute puzzle game will have you exploring neat little worlds, with a caterpillar named Bob.


Eight Pixels Square releases Raid HQ for Android today

Eight Pixels Square is an independent mobile game developer that is based in Derby, UK. You may have played their previous games Cartel Kings and All Guns Blazing. Their latest game is Raid HQ. It takes the popular elements of their two previous games, and throws in more action and card collecting into the mix. It makes this a quick, fun and challenging game for your mobile devices.