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DeNA and Crytek team up to bring squad-based tactics game The Collectables to Android

Crytek and DeNA are teaming up to bring a squad-based tactical game to Android called The Collectables. Since Crytek is involved, this game will be made using the company’s Cryengine game development platform which is known for its rather high quality 3D visuals. This means The Collectables should have some pretty impressive graphics to enjoy while playing the game.

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The Trese Brothers bring their newest RPG to Google Play called Heroes of Steel

The Trese Brothers are rather well known indie developers who make RPG titles for Android. The two man company has finished their newest game called Heroes of Steel and have released it onto Google Play for everyone to enjoy. According to the developers, this is the biggest project they have taken so far when it comes to their games so we can expect all the bells and whistles arriving in this game.

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Activision releases Call of Duty: Strike Team onto Google Play for some tactical goodness

Activision has decided to come out of left field and release a Call of Duty game onto Android called Call of Duty: Strike Team. This particular game is a blend of first-person and third-person squad-based tactical gameplay where you’ll be controlling your squad of soldiers, positioning them in strategic places before switching to a first-person perspective and laying out a few clips of ammo onto your enemies.

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Lords of Discord – Herocraft’s upcoming cross-platform tactics style strategy game coming in 2014

Herocraft has made a lot of games for mobile as well as publishing games by other developers as well. However the company is looking to expand their reach and in doing so they are breaking into an area where a lot of games don’t reach into. This area is the cross-platform gaming experience and while there’s a lot of games that are cross-platform between iOS and Android, there isn’t a whole lot that move past that into the realm of PC/Mac/Linux gaming.

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Arena of Heroes tactical MOBA now on Ouya, a console giveaway ensues

Back in June of this year we mentioned that a rather good looking tactical MOBA game called Arena of Heroes would be making its way to a variety of platforms including Android and Ouya. We the Ouya version of the game is now live and available for download for anyone who owns one of the Android-powered game consoles. To celebrate the launch of the game on Ouya, the developers are also giving away an Ouya as well as a bunch of secondary prizes as well.

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Upcoming tactical warfare game Breach & Clear won’t be free-to-play like originally planned

News like this doesn’t happen often these days and actually it is usually the opposite when it comes to a game developer changing their business model for their upcoming game. Usually we have to report that a game originally planned as a paid game has gone to the free-to-play model. However today we get to report some very good news regarding Robert Bowling’s upcoming tactical warfare game Breach & Clear.