New Trese Brothers RPG Heroes of Steel gets fully funded on Kickstarter

The Trese Brothers have been around for quite some time on Android with a few rather successful RPG titles like Star Traders and Templar Assault under their belts. Their next undertaking is called Heroes of Steel and is currently up on Kickstarter for funding which it has been fully funded with 12 days to go.

This new RPG is a fantasy-based one set in the world of Steel where you will be building a team of characters in order to battle the forces of darkness. The story behind Heroes of Steel is actually very well thought out and written, with plenty of back story for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing.

If you’re more into game mechanics, Heroes of Steel will feature a squad-based turn-based tactical RPG system for you to sink your teeth into. You will have a party of four heroes under your controls, each with their own set of unique abilities and skills that you will need to strategically use in order to successfully progress through the game. There are currently four classes slated for this game: The Outlander, Wizard, Cleric and Thief. Each class will have their own skill tree as well so you can customize each one how you want it.

Right now the Kickstarter campaign is sitting at $12,603 which is over their original goal of $12K. That means the game is already funded but there are plenty of good stretch goals to achieve. If you’re up for tossing a few dollars over there to help them out, you still have 12 days to do so.

Website Referenced: Heroes of Steel Kickstarter

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