Day: 30 October 2013


The classic Amiga game Rocket Ranger arrives so you can be a secret agent who flies around

A classic Amiga game has made its way onto Android today called Rocket Ranger. Developed by Cinemaware, Rocket Ranger takes the old school classic and brings it over to our mobile devices with controls designed for gameplay while on the go. You’ll be playing as the hero of this game who happens to be a brave soul that’s strapped a rocket pack onto his back and flies around fighting bad guys.


Assassin’s Creed IV companion application sails onto Google Play

While everyone is waiting for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game to arrive onto Android, those of you who own Assassin’s Creed IV on their console of choice now have a companion application from Ubisoft you can fiddle around with. Before we dive into what this application contains you’ll need to know that in order to grab a copy of this companion app you’ll need to own a tablet as it isn’t available for phones.


Nintendo tells the mobile world why franchises like Zelda and Mario won’t arrive anytime soon

Nintendo has remained an interesting company when you look at their stance over the past couple of years regarding bringing some of their popular franchises over to mobile device for mobile gamers to enjoy. Awhile back the company stated that it would never bring their games over to smartphones and tablets and there is a logical reason as to why they would think this way – they have their own mobile gaming platform to worry about.