Nintendo tells the mobile world why franchises like Zelda and Mario won’t arrive anytime soon

Nintendo has remained an interesting company when you look at their stance over the past couple of years regarding bringing some of their popular franchises over to mobile device for mobile gamers to enjoy. Awhile back the company stated that it would never bring their games over to smartphones and tablets and there is a logical reason as to why they would think this way – they have their own mobile gaming platform to worry about.

However this doesn’t mean you can’t leverage Android and iOS mobile gamers either to improve business by releasing popular franchises onto these platforms. But for whatever reason Nintendo has been pretty adamant about that never happening. It does seem like there could be a shift in the winds though regarding their old stance on this matter.

Today Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was talking to CNet and mentioned that the reason their most popular franchises are exclusive to their own hardware is simply for business reasons.

That’s why we’re so focused on having content exclusive to our platform. When the consumer wants to play Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, they [sic] have to purchase our hardware to do so. And that preserves our overall financial model. – Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime

What’s different about today’s statements from Nintendo is that they have finally officially acknowledged that there has been some consideration in regards to bringing their big franchises to mobile. Unfortunately it has never passed that point – simple consideration.

We’re constantly thinking about how to leverage mobile as a marketing vehicle. How do I give little tastes of content, little experiences that then drive the consumer back to my hardware environment? – Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime

So basically if they can figure the answer to that question we could actually see some Nintendo games arriving onto Android in the future. That future is, however, not going to happen anytime soon. The internet is a great place though so if you, our readers, can come up with any ideas to answer this question, leave them in the comments below. Who knows, perhaps you’ll solve their problem for them.

For now all we have is our emulators and the ability to access the Miiverse through our mobile devices.

Website Referenced: CNet

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