Transport Tycoon updated with new features, fixes and freebies for all to enjoy

Transport Tycoon from 31X has been out on Android for a little bit now and the developers have pushed out one of the bigger updates to the game today. This update brings with it new features as well as plenty of fixes to improve the game. There also happens to be some new freebies to snag as well for those of you who are interested.

For those of you unfamiliar with Transport Tycoon, this is the port of the original game onto mobile devices. Your goal is to become the biggest business tycoon in the transportation industry and you’ll start off with transporting good on the ground. Eventually you’ll make your way to air and water as well, improving your business along the way as you make profit on each shipment.

The new update brings a slew of fixes that were very much needed for this game. There also happens to be a new Halloween-themed title screen as well which is a rather nice touch.

In terms of freebies, these are more like extra goodies you can download separately off of the game’s website. This include three massive screenshots each showing the entire area of the UK, US East Coast and US West Coast scenarios. There is also both the original and newly revamped soundtrack for the game available for download for free as well. Lastly, if you really want to show that you’re a fan of the game, you can download a 3D printer friendly file for free as well so you can have it printing out in 3D.

List of fixes and changes in Transport Tycoon:

– Halloween-themed loading scream (screen).
– Autosave now operates via a timer, selectable as an option
– Autosave will no longer load automatically, load can be done by scrolling to the saved file in the load a saved game menu
– Players can now customise station names
– Players can now customise vehicle names
– Added loading/saving progress bar
– Trains lengths now displayed as required platform lengths

– HUD performance updates
– Multiple navigation issues resolved 
– General performance improvements 
– Memory usage improvements for older devices 
– Improved placement of station tiles next to existing station 
– Improved selection of ground tiles for tree removal and area demolish 
– Hide scenery now properly affects trees that are part of a Forest industry 
– Fixed platform removal issues that could lead to station names remaining on the map 
– Fixed problem caused by removing an airport to which a plane is currently heading 
– Fixed problem where some stations were given an incorrect name when allocated 
– Fixed centring problem on some devices with unusual aspect ratios 
– Fixed problem with certain player built industries not accepting cargo 
– Fixed problem with placing tram tracks on tile with existing bus station 
– Fixed issue with stations listing cargo from recently closed nearby industries 
– Fixed graphical flicker most noticeable on older devices (Samsung Galaxy S2 etc) 
– Fixed certain trains choosing the wrong direction when leaving stations 
– Fixed problem with land not being suitable for building if water had previously been raised then lowered to ground height

As you can see the developers have been doing a lot of work to improve the game. If you happen to own a copy already, the update should now be available for download. If you don’t have a copy of Transport Tycoon, you can pick one up off of Google Play for $6.99.

Google Play Link: Transport Tycoon

Freebies Links: Scenario Maps | Soundtracks and 3D Logo file

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