Day: December 8, 2014

Game News

Fire Quest – Age of Titans hits up Kickstarter for funding. Goal is to take down Clash of Clans.

It is one thing to make a game that ends up competing for the player base for a particular game or two. It is another thing altogether to develop a game with the goal to knock a specific title that is already released out of the first place spot for their genre. However that is exactly what Fire Quest – Age of Titans is aiming to do with Clash of Clans.

Game News

Android Overkill is another robot-themed combat game that’s now available

Apparently nothing shows the Christmas Spirit better than two robots beating the crap out of each other. At least that is the impression we are starting to get thanks to the amount of robot-themed combat games that seem to be getting released over the past couple of weeks. As you may have guessed, since we are writing this, that another one has landed on Google Play called Android Overkill.

Game News

The sequel to the tactical RPG The Banner Saga will be coming to mobile soon

The Banner Saga only hit Google Play in November and already we are hearing that the sequel to this game, appropriately named The Banner Saga 2, will also be making its way to mobile devices soon. Stoic Studios made the announcement today and while it was mainly focused on the PC and console version, hidden a bit inside is that the sequel will also be coming to mobile devices.

Game News

It’s December which means it’s time for the Game Of The Year voting

Every year at around this time every outlet for gaming gets their Game Of The Year picks and awards ready. We are no exception to this rule and it is time for you, our readers, as well as us here at DroidGamers to get together and figure out what games we should pick for the Game Of The Year in each major genre, as well as the one game that takes it all as the overall Game Of The Year for 2014 on Android.