Day: 19 March 2015


Turbo Wheels from Chundos Studios is Now Available to Download

Chundos Studios is an independent game developer. They have a few titles that they have already released for Android. Their in-game art is always unique and colorful. One of their more successful games is Beat the Beast, which is a hybrid action/strategy/tower defense game. What made it unusual at the time, were the well-designed creatures, the environment, and the 360 degree rotation of the game world. Today, Chundos Studios has released Turbo Wheels for Android.


Tin Man Hands Games releases new Game Book about Hamlet, only with a twist

Tin Man games, makers of game books that are stylized after Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novels, has now released To Be Or Not To Be. Players will assume the role of either Hamlet, Ophelia, or Hamlet Sr, and play through Hamlet from the perspective of the chosen character. The story itself is told (loosely speaking), in its “original second-person non-linear branching narrative format”, if that gives you an idea of potential liberties taken.


[Update: Released] Global launch of panel-action RPG Road to Dragon’s is coming very soon

Acquire, the game publisher behind Tenchu, Akiba’s Trip, and Fort Raiders SMAAASH!  have announced today that they will be releasing another game. Called “Road to Dragon’s”, this game is slated to be released on March 19th. While it’ll be new to the rest of the world, the game has already been downloaded over three million times in Japan, since its release there in 2012.


[Update: Beta Started] Nexon Korea announces the worldwide release is coming soon for Mabinogi Duel on mobile, closed beta sign-ups are live

Nexon has a few games available on Android already but now their Korean office, which is in charge of their PC titles such as Mabinogi, Combat Arms, and Vindictus, has announced that they will be going globally for the first time with a new game called Mabinogi Duel which is obviously based off of their Mabinogi franchise. Along with this announcement also comes beta sign-ups going live.


Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Grandmasters, also heading to Android soon

If news of Final Fantasy XI coming to Android isn’t enough to satisfy that Final Fantasy itch you may be having, there is some additional news that might help with that little problem. During the press event today where Square Enix announced the partnership with Nexon in regards to bringing Final Fantasy XI Online to mobile, the company also announced another game called Final Fantasy Grandmasters.


Nexon and Square Enix team up to bring their MMORPG Final Fantasy XI to mobile devices

If Nintendo teaming up with DeNA to bring their IPs to mobile deices wasn’t hell freezing over then perhaps today’s news about Square Enix and Nexon will manage to pull that off. After Square Enix announced that no more major Final Fantasy games would be coming to mobile after Final Fantasy VI, due to a lot of reasons, today Nexon and Square Enix have announced that they are teaming up to bring Final Fantasy XI to mobile devices. What is even crazier is that we already have confirmation of a Western release, so it won’t be Japan only.


Snail Games finally releases Taichi Panda onto Android in more regions

One game we have been waiting for since the beginning of this year is Taichi Panda from Snail Games. Originally we reported on this Action-RPG title back during CES 2015 when we went hands-on with Taichi Panda on Snail Games’ upcoming Android gaming devices, the W 3D and the OBox Android game console. Back in February 2015 Taichia Panda went into a soft launch / beta testing phase on Android and now it has finally been released for more people to play.