Day: 28 July 2014


More details released about the upcoming Firefly Online strategy RPG for Android

Just a little over a year ago we reported on an official Firefly game that would be heading to Android soon called Firefly Online which was slated for release this Summer. As you can tell from the game’s name, this will be an online multiplayer title but it isn’t necessarily an MMORPG in the traditional sense of running around, completing quests, leveling up and collecting gear.


Here is what a custom arcade cabinet looks like when built for use with an Ouya console

DIY projects are always cool because you not only get to check out what other people do when feeling particularly creative at any given time, but generally also get to learn how it is done and possibly even do it yourself. Technically we don’t really get to learn how to make this custom arcade cabinet for 4-players that also happens to be powered by an Ouya game console from Burd Bros Custom Arcade. But with the right parts and a little planning, you could take on trying to build one of these yourself.