The Last Story will be making an appearance in Terra Battle in an upcoming crossover

Terra Battle will be getting a visit from The Last Story in a new crossover event that will be happening in the near future. The Last Story is a stealth-style RPG by Mistwalker that is currently available on the Nintendo Wii that takes place in a third person perspective. Terra Battle, which we’ve reported on in the past, is a mobile game on Android and iOS that is also an RPG but in a more tactical style which is also from Mistwalker.

Since both games are RPGs, even though they are different in how they are played, fitting the two together shouldn’t be too hard of a job. The creator of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi has a hand in both of these games as well and so the crossover should be pretty interesting in how both worlds come together in a new storyline. Unfortunately, details about what will actually be happening with this crossover won’t be revealed until April 23rd, 2015.

It is interesting to see a Wii game getting crossed over with a mobile game, since it is The Last Story that will be coming to Terra Battle. The details regarding the crossover will be revealed during a live show in Japan which everyone can watch over at NicoVideo on the 23rd. For now though we just have to wait and take a guess at how everything will fit together. If you want to check out Terra Battle before then, you can download the game off of Google Play for free.

Developer Website: Mistwalker Corp

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