Day: 22 May 2015


The Android 5.1 OTA update for Nvidia Shield Tablet owners has finally arrived

The other day when Nvidia finally admitted to the 500GB model of the Nvidia Shield Android TV console actually existing and being real for consumers to purchase soon, one other tidbit of information was revealed as well. This was that the Android 5.1 update for the Shield tablet would be arriving soon, before the launch of the Shield console unit. Well it appears that ‘soon’ has turned out to be today.


Play KLM’s new game Jets if you like paper airplanes. Fly on KLM in real life, earn in-game rewards.

Released by KLM , the Royal Dutch Airline, Jets is a game that is about navigating a brightly colored paper airplane, in an endless runner style. The various levels of this endless flyer are set in Amsterdam, with players guiding their paper airplane over the various canals and through the older sections of the city, while avoiding various large forms of transportation, such as cars, boats, and trams.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete, Big Fish Games, Crowntakers and more

It’s Friday which means it is time for another end of the week round-up of Android games that are currently on sale right now. While this week’s list of discounted games is decent in size, with it being a long weekend we are a bit surprised the list isn’t bigger like previous years. Of course it is only Friday and there is a good chance this list could double in size before Monday.


Nvidia is giving away free Shield Android TV consoles every day until it is officially available to loyal fans

For those of you who have been a loyal fan of Nvidia for awhile, especially since the announcement back during GDC 2015 about the Nvidia Shield Android TV console, there is some extremely awesome news today which you might have already seen in your email’s inbox. Nvidia has sent out an email to everyone who signed up for their Shield console newsletter to keep up-to-date with Shield console news. In this email Nvidia is saying thank you for being a loyal fan by starting a big giveaway.


Tokyo Game Show 2015 promo poster finally acknowledges mobile gaming for the first time

Every year there are plenty of big video game conventions and industry shows, such as GDC (USA), Gamescom (Germany), and E3 (USA), just to name a few. The Tokyo Game Show is also a pretty big one as well which is obviously held Japan each year. One thing that the Tokyo Game Show doesn’t usually do each year is acknowledge any sort of focus or care for mobile gaming, even though each year has plenty of mobile game developers showing up, ranging from indie to big multi-million dollar companies.


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Review. A console port done right.

Oddworld is a successful video game franchise that has been released by a handful of developers, and has been around nearly twenty years on various platforms, with this game debuting for the original Xbox in 2005. This was a franchise that I’d heard of and was vaguely familiar with, yet hadn’t experienced any (coming in “clean”, in essence). I was looking forward to reviewing this one when I saw that it went on sale, so let’s see what I walked away with.