Jet Set Games teaming up with Red Eagle Games to bring Wheel of Time titles to mobile

A couple of bigger names in the gaming scene, mostly on the mobile side of things, are teaming up to bring iOS and Android gamers a new series of games based off of Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. Jet Set Games and Red Eagle Games have teamed up and are already announcing the first title in the Wheel of Time series of games called First Banner of the Rising Sun.

The first game in the Wheel of Time series will be a tactical RPG for both smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. This particular title is more of a look back at the books already published in the series, catching gamers up on the storyline. As the description states:

The game will chronicle the desperate days of the Aiel War, when a ragtag unit of old soldiers and stable boys was pressed into action to defend the people of Cairhein from the onslaught of a savage invading army. Players will take command of these soldiers and lead them into battle against an army comprised of the greatest warriors in the world.

There will be plenty of games in this series considering there were a lot of book published so we will have plenty of titles to choose from in the near future. No word just yet on when the first game will land on Google Play or for how much but it definitely sounds like an interesting series. Did we mention there is a Kickstarter for this as well? Go check it out or the pitch video below.

On a side note, Jet Set Games is based here in Las Vegas, where we are also based, which means we may very well raid their offices and find out more information about these games shortly.

Developer Websites: Red Eagle Games | Jet Set Games

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