Day: 23 June 2014


Elysian Shadows, a Retro Style RPG for a New Era

Retro gaming is currently in vogue thanks to platforms such as Google Play, the Apple App Store and Steam. Countless classics have been resurrected on these new platforms, be they ports or HD remakes. The proliferation of retro titles certainly supports the claim. Over the past three years, a proliferation of retro titles have resurfaced such as Contra HD, Castle of Illusion HD, X-Men the Arcade game, Pac-Man, Sonic CD, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy III and many other venerable titles.


OnLive Bringing Cloud Gaming Services to Wikipad

OnLive is working with Wikipad to make streaming cloud PC games playable with the Wikipad’s included controller encasing. OnLive is a cloud gaming service that lets users play games via streaming to devices that can be connected to the OnLive controller or other compatible controllers. However, in the case with Wikipad, the controller the tablet sits in will now work with OnLive games.