Elysian Shadows, a Retro Style RPG for a New Era

Retro gaming is currently in vogue thanks to platforms such as Google Play, the Apple App Store and Steam. Countless classics have been resurrected on these new platforms, be they ports or HD remakes. The proliferation of retro titles certainly supports the claim. Over the past three years, a proliferation of retro titles have resurfaced such as Contra HD, Castle of Illusion HD, X-Men the Arcade game, Pac-Man, Sonic CD, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy III and many other venerable titles.

While the retro gaming trend has given gamers the means to satiate their nostalgia, the Elysian Shadows Team is looking to redefine how gamers think about retro gaming in general with the release of their all-new, 16-bit era inspired, 2D role-playing game, Elysian Shadows.

According to the developers, Elysian Shadows borrows from the tradition of 16-bit legends such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy. Though the aesthetic choices look to the past in order to define the graphics style of the game, the techniques used to convey the visuals are a bit of a modern affair. Elysian Shadows incorporates dynamic lighting, a physics engine, a particle engine, and 3D perspectives that are interspersed with the 2D elements of the game. Combined with 3D positional audio for both sound effects and the vintage chip-tune style score, the developers promise an experience that will both pay tribute to the 16-bit era while providing a contemporary experience that will usher in the era of the “next-gen 2D RPG.”

Story of Elysian Shadow

Elysian Shadows takes place in a world caught in constant conflict between magic and technology. The gift of magic is bestowed upon loyal followers of The Creator, while the nonreligious sects of society are forced to rely upon technological advances in their daily lives. Upon uncovering a mysterious artifact deep within one of the ancient ruins scattered throughout the land, Julien and friends find themselves thrust into the middle of this mounting conflict, and they must now solve the mystery of the ancient civilizations to prevent the destruction of their own.

Development of this title is being handled by a small, independent team. The project leaders consist of:

– Falco Girgis, the game’s lead engine developer
– Tyler Rogers the team’s lead gameplay engineer
– Patryk Kowalik the lead artist
– Connor Linning whom is tasked with scoring this fantasy epic
– Daniel Tindall, the man handling web design and developer duties
– Eddie Ringle, the man the Android community may thank for assuming responsibility for the Android port of Elysian Shadows.

Though this title has only recently gained a greater level of media attention, development has been a labor of four years and counting. The Elysian Shadows Team started out with a series of Youtube videos, Adventures in Game Development and Elysian Shadows Revolution, which began drawing in thousands of viewers. Little did the team know that their videos were attracting more than just the eyes of curious gamers. Watermelon Corp, an independent manufacturer and game studio located in Muscatine Iowa, had also been paying attention to the progress of the Elysian Shadows Team.

Watermelon Corp is famously known for publishing Pier Solar, a literal 16 bit RPG that was published for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 2010. Not only is Pier Solar the largest 16 bit game ever published (in terms of file size, 64MB to be exact), but it is the first Sega Genesis game published in over a decade (Majesco carried on North American Genesis production until 1999, but in Brazil and Europe, the Genesis/Mega Drive is still manufactured and receives local support).

Seemingly recognizing a kindred spirit, Watermelon Corp extended a publishing deal to The Elysian Shadows Team that will allow the team to reach a wider audience than originally intended. Furthermore, a private investor has contributed to funding to the team, which has seen the team’s fortunes take a turn for the better (including one team member who quit his day job and is now able to focus solely on developing Elysian Shadows). Elysian Shadows still has a bit further to trek before reaching the finish line, but the project has picked up serious momentum, with a Kickstarter being launched later on in August.

Elysian Shadows is being developed for a multitude of platforms including Sega Dreamcast (you read that correctly), Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Ouya and Android. If your interest is piqued and you wish to follow this game on its journey toward release, then check the links below to follow the developer’s website and Youtube page.

Official Website: Elysian Shadows

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