Day: 7 February 2013


Under The Radar #6: Bobbing, Die For Metal, Syder Arcade HD and more

Well, our Under The Radar column was meant to be something we did once every week or so, but in just the past few days I’ve come across some really good titles from first-time indie developers. So that leads us to our second Under The Radar for the week. More than half of the games on this list can be classified under the “brutal” category, so if you’re looking for challenging games then be sure to give them a go.


Wikipad to launch 7″ gaming tablet for $250 instead of 10″ tablet

It seems as though Wikipad and the folks at the company re a bit confused as to what they would like to do in regards to the gaming Android tablet they have been developing for what seems like forever and a day. Originally the Wikipad was not planned to be a 10″ Android gaming tablet until the company announced that it would instead be a 10″ gaming tablet. Now, Wikipad has announced that its Android gaming tablet will be a 7″ one that will retail for $250.


Zeus Defense is the latest defense game by Alawar will let you get your Greek God on

In an age when an uprising of rival gods threatens to destroy Zeus and all who worship him. One person will be summoned to protect them. As evil creatures rain terror down on the cities of the world, you must control the power of Zeus and vanquish them, forever. Fight back in this defense game by calling down the powers of earthquakes, tornado’s, floods, and fires.


XBLA game Space Ark will be heading to Tegra 3 devices soon

A new Tegra 3 optimized game will be heading our way soon which is actually a game that is already out on Xbox Live Arcade as well as on Steam for PCs called Space Ark. It will officially have the THD tacked onto it when it arrives for Tegra 3+ Android devices. We’re saying Tegra 3+ since Tegra 4 is on the way real soon and those devices with Tegra 4 chipsets will also play Tegra 3 games.