XBLA game Space Ark will be heading to Tegra 3 devices soon

A new Tegra 3 optimized game will be heading our way soon which is actually a game that is already out on Xbox Live Arcade as well as on Steam for PCs called Space Ark. It will officially have the THD tacked onto it when it arrives for Tegra 3+ Android devices. We’re saying Tegra 3+ since Tegra 4 is on the way real soon and those devices with Tegra 4 chipsets will also play Tegra 3 games.

For those of you unfamiliar with Space Ark, this game is sort of a homage to the more colorful games of the late 80s and early 90s such as Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Island. As the story goes, there is a wandering black hole that is destroying planets as it travels through space. You’ll be able to play as one of the 24 available characters who make up your team of animal ‘Arkonauts’ who have had their planets destroyed and our now traveling through space in an attempt to rebuilt those planets and repopulate them.

Space Ark THD Features:

– Join the Arkonauts as the bounce their way across the universe!
– Discover grey, broken worlds and collect precious crystals to terraform them back to life!
– Unlock powerful weapons, crystal upgrades, planetary shields and more to complete your mission!
– Complete 30 challenging missions across 5 diverse worlds!
– Collect all the heroic Arkonauts and choose your favorite!
– Receive promotions and medals from Space Command!

Each stage you enter you will need to collect DNA combos, bonus power-ups, powerful crystals, and all the fruit you can handle in order to achieve your goal of rebuilding each planet. If successful, the planet you’re on will terraform back into an inhabitable planet along with new animals (half-human half-animal people actually) living there. The game is really a blending of a few styles of arcade games like Arkanoid and Bubble Bobble.

Since no one can really put a stop to a black hole, Space Ark will always be expanding in content with new planets to rebuilt that have been destroyed and new characters to play as. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact release date as to when Space Ark THD will be release for Tegra 3 devices but we will be keeping an eye out for any word on when it will be coming. The only other thing we don’t know is if this will come with multiplayer functionality like the XBLA and Steam versions do.

Developer Website: Strawdog Studios

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