Zeus Defense is the latest defense game by Alawar will let you get your Greek God on

In an age when an uprising of rival gods threatens to destroy Zeus and all who worship him. One person will be summoned to protect them. As evil creatures rain terror down on the cities of the world, you must control the power of Zeus and vanquish them, forever. Fight back in this defense game by calling down the powers of earthquakes, tornado’s, floods, and fires.

Fight the hordes of evil creatures that threaten your cities and engage in epic boss battles that will etch your name in victory stories that will be sung until the end of time. Zeus Defense gives you 6 unique worlds with more the 50 levels to defend.

Zeus Defense Features:

– 6 Unique worlds with more than 50 levels!
– Challenging boss battles!
– A diverse mix of evil monsters!
– Tons of powerful bonuses and upgrades!

You will also be required to save people that appear in the midst of all the chaos you’re creating when dealing with evil monsters. For those of you who like defense games and want to check this one out, Zeus Defend is free to download. Time to save humanity in another game.

Google play Link: Zeus Defense

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