Monster Rivals is head-to-head combat action with customizable monsters

A new head-to-head combat game has arrived on Android from developers Pixelmaji called Monster Rivals. In this particular game you will be squaring off against other monsters as you work to become the strongest one around. Through combat you will be leveling up your monster of choice and customizing them with skills and items.

Monster Rivals comes with the option to use any of the monsters available with pre-defined stats or your can create your own monster. Along the way you will be able to level up your monster, choosing what stats to level up, equipping new trinkets and rather over-the-top weaponry.

Monster Rivals Features:

– Cute yet deadly monsters, design your own!
– Over 30 weapons, each with their own bonuses and super moves!
– Connect to Facebook and fight anyone who dares to challenge you!
– Tons of items and gems to make you even more powerful!
– Beautiful artwork and animations, blow up your enemies with style!
– Use expert timing to make your attacks even stronger!
– Free updates! This is only the beginning, pets, quests, who knows what else is coming!

Even though this is a combat game it is was designed with both kids and adults in mind so it’ actually a very family friendly game. You can look around the island, fight other NPC monsters, find hidden treasure or you can battle other people online. Just to be clear though, multiplayer is through Facebook.

For those of you interested in checking out this game, you can download Monster Rivals off of Google Play for free. Think of this game as Pokemon fighting each other without the need for a trailer or a red/white pokeball.

Google Play Link: Monster Rivals

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