Author: James Mapley


Soul Fjord Review: An arcade fighting game with style and the music to match

Soul Fjord is a rare type of game. It’s ambitious, it possesses a strong, defining sense of style, place and time. It’s marriage of 1970’s Funk and Norse Mythology feels completely natural. It’s one of the rare instances of a game that attempts of a Tarantino-esque mash-up of style and genre, and under the leadership of Kim Swift, Soul Fjord pulls this off deftly.


The Gunslugs Review: 80’s action movie-themed arcade shooter goodness

The Neo Geo Pocket was SNK’s first handheld. The original monochrome model, Neo Geo Pocket, was released in 1998 in Japan and in 1999 its successor, the Neo Geo Pocket Color, was released in America. It was posed as a competitor to Nintendo’s commercially superior Gameboy. The device lived in the nebulous period between the Gameboy at its highest and the impending launch of the Gameboy Advance.


Phonejoy Play – An interview with Martin Kessler and their new controller

This past January, the young Hong Kong-based startup, Phonejoy, publicly displayed their first Kickstarter project, the Phonejoy Play, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Frustrated by the lack of adequate Android gaming hardware, the duo of Martin and Alex founded Phonejoy in 2011 and set out to create the best gamepad for Android devices. In doing so, they created the original Phonejoy (or Phonejoy Analog), a Bluetooth controller for Android devices. Executing on what others had failed to do at the time.


Subway Surfers Review: Living the life of a graffiti-spraying, boombox-toting, hoverboard riding kid

At some point, you’ve probably dreamed of living the life of a subway-surfing, graffiti-spraying, boombox-toting, hoverboard riding kid. Living life on the edge and running from the law. Jumping over trains is your 9-to-5. Every day, 24/7, making your living off of coins you find laying all over the railways. It’s a pretty humble lifestyle, but because because you’re the definition of “Cool”, you can handle it, right? Who are you kidding, of course you can. You’re no match for that cop and his dog. Why? Because you’re a Subway Surfer. Okay, that’s kind of a grittier take on the super-colorful, hyper-stylized world of Subway Surfers, but if you’ve ever fantasized about subway-surfing, this game is for you. And if you haven’t guessed the title by now, the game I’m talking about is Subway Surfers.