Day: January 30, 2014

Game News

Nintendo, a very confused looking company, confirms now it will make Apps and maybe games for mobile

Nintendo is looking mighty confused these past few days it seems with regards to what it wants to do with mobile devices. First, awhile ago, Nintendo adamantly stated that it wouldn’t be bringing games to mobile platforms. The a rumor popped up that it would be making mini-games for mobile but that was squashed almost immediately by Nintendo in a statement. Now it is confirmed that there is a plan for mobile devices with the company after all.

Game News

New space exploration game in beta called Out There now up for pre-orders via Humble Bundle, but you can win a copy here

A new space exploration and survival game called Out There is heading to Android soon and is actually up for pre-order through Humble Bundle. This game is currently in the late stages of beta testing and pre-ordering a copy will grant you immediate access to the beta ahead of everyone else. However, you could also win a copy of Out There and get into the beta without paying a penny.

Game News

Tin Man Games releases a sequel to Slaves of Rema called the Sultans of Rema

Tin Man Games have started making sequels to some of their existing interactive RPG books and the newest one, which they have been teasing over the last couple of week and which is why Slaves of Rema has been on sale lately, is called the Sultans of Rema. This also marks the ninth Gameboo Adventures release, inching the company closer to the milestone of ten original Gamebook releases onto Android.

Game Reviews

Soul Fjord Review: An arcade fighting game with style and the music to match

Soul Fjord is a rare type of game. It’s ambitious, it possesses a strong, defining sense of style, place and time. It’s marriage of 1970’s Funk and Norse Mythology feels completely natural. It’s one of the rare instances of a game that attempts of a Tarantino-esque mash-up of style and genre, and under the leadership of Kim Swift, Soul Fjord pulls this off deftly.

Game News

EA’s Dungeon Keeper drops its limited soft launch status, now available to everyone globally

Back in the later months of 2013 we covered EA’s announcement of Dungeon Keeper at Gamescom 2013 and then when it went into a location specific soft launch shortly afterwards. Since then it has remained in a soft launch status until today as EA has finally launches the game globally and available for everyone who have been waiting patiently for its release.

Game News

Now you can look good in Crytek’s upcoming The Collectables game with your own DroidGamers in-game shirt

If you have been following the site for any decent amount of time then you know we not only like to giveaway stuff as much as possible but we try to do some unique in-game giveaways as well. Whether it be a code for an exclusive weapon or something else, you can always expect to find something like that going on here. Today is no exception to that rule as we’ve teamed up with Crytek to offer a rather unique in-game item for their upcoming The Collectables game.