Day: 6 May 2013


A Disturbance In the Force : Exclusive Rights Locked In by EA

Electronic Arts and Walt Disney emerged from the conference room yesterday to announce an exclusive development deal that will make EA and their subsidiaries exclusive developers for all things Star Wars for the next few years. Disney also stated that they will retain certain rights to develop new titles for the mobile and social platforms in the future, at their discretion. This is another historical exclusive score for EA as some of you may remember the EA Sports / NFL exclusive deal inked in 2004 and it remains today.


Editorial: OUYA or OH-NO? Problems in Ouya-land.

With the OUYA console just months away from consumers and it finally landing in the hands of developers, the “hands-on” impressions are starting to roll in. As it turns out, DroidGamers has yet to get their hands on a console to officially review. Also, as we get closer and closer to the OUYA release more of the promises or intentions of this platform are beginning to fall flat.