Day: 11 March 2013


New app offers up paid games for free, today it’s Asphalt 7

A new application was released a few days ago that will offer up paid games for all you Android gamers out there but for free. Think of it as a “Free Game of the Day” type of service although the offers last a few days instead of just one. It seems the company behind the app, OnaDevice, has made some deals with some pretty big publishers as well because these are not just no-name titles they are offering up for free.


Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave gets a ninja update, coming back from the dead?

Not too long ago Trendy Entertainment took down Dungeon Defenders off of the Google Play store. This included both first and second wave versions of the game. Over on the forums, Trendy Entertainment said it didn’t look like the games would ever be coming back to Android which made a lot of people have sad faces. However, new evidence could be pointing to Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave coming back from the dead soon.