Day: February 7, 2013

Hardware News

OUYA will follow how mobile is done with new hardware every year

For those of you who think the OUYA will be outdated the moment it arrive since Tegra 4 has been announced and devices that will have the Tegra 4 chipset are on the horizon, it looks like OUYA has a plan of their own to stay with the times. The CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman, was talking at the DICE summit yesterday where she revealed the company’s new deals with Double Fine and Verse Studios. She also revealed their plans for the OUYA hardware which will be following the same model as mobile phones and tablets do.

Game News

Battle Ninja Village from Kairosoft makes an appearance on Google Play in Japan

Well folks, it’s now officially in the Play Store. Battle Ninja Village is officially listed in the Japanese Play Store and at the rate of conversion means we are more then likely only weeks or months from having an English translated version. If you want to get a head start, or if you like¬†fiddling and trying to figure out a game in Japanese,¬†it will cost you $4.68 to do so.

Game News

Double Fine Productions and Verse Studio working on a few games for OUYA

Currently the D.I.C.E. summit is happening and today some interesting news regarding OUYA has been announced. Actually it is in regards to two new partnerships with studios to create games for the Android-powered console. First, two titles from Double Fine Studios will be bringing two of their games over to OUYA while Words with Friends creator Paul Bettner and his company Verse Studios have two games under development for OUYA as well.