Battle Ninja Village from Kairosoft makes an appearance on Google Play in Japan

Well folks, it’s now officially in the Play Store. Battle Ninja Village is officially listed in the Japanese Play Store and at the rate of conversion means we are more then likely only weeks or months from having an English translated version. If you want to get a head start, or if you like¬†fiddling and trying to figure out a game in Japanese,¬†it will cost you $4.68 to do so.

The English translation of the game description is as follows:

Battle of the Warring States Period ninja game!
This is a simulation that nurture the village of Shinobi, aimed at unification.

In the village of Shinobi earns money by selling to travelers who visit the village, their products and have made, the timber and ore mined from the village (actually ninja) villagers. The money is used to fund the military, try running the village well being used training and equipment of the villagers, the increase of troops.

Give to see the various skills training repeatedly, villagers dressed in armor and weapons …
It can be dropped off and cover for gun barrel of the battle.

Also be able to see the historically famous warlords?

Basically the game sounds a lot like Dungeon Village but with a ninja theme to it. There is also the addition of resource harvesting, crafting items to sell and army vs army combat. Since Kairosoft is pretty quick to translate these games this one should arrive in English sometime in the next couple of week as long as Kairosoft sticks to their current pattern of Japan/English releases.

We can scratch this one off of our list of most wanted Kairosoft games on Android.

Google Play Link: Battle Ninja Village

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