Day: 29 May 2013


Glowingpine Studios releases a trailer for their upcoming physics puzzler Little Luca

A small indie studio out of Sweden called Glowingpine Studios is gearing up to release a neat little retro style physics-based puzzle game called Little Luca onto Android soon. In order to get the word out about their upcoming game ahead of time, the developers have released a trailer for Little Luca featuring some of the 8-bit inspired music that will be coming with the game.


Nvidia shows of the final firmware for Shield, pre-loaded games and a behind-the-scenes look

Nvidia has published a blog post going into detail about the behind-the-scenes effort regarding their Android-powered handheld gaming device called Shield. In case you’ve missed it, the pre-orders are live for these devices as of May 17th and will run you $350 to snag one right now. While the behind-the-scenes look is pretty interesting, Nvidia has posted another video which showcases the final firmware of Shield, pre-loaded games that will come with it and more.


Spicy Horse Games will make a new Alice game or OZombie, but not both

American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games studio will be hitting up Kickstarter for funding their next game, they just don’t know what game that will actually be just yet. The company will be going onto Kickstarter in July to either fund the recently announced OZombie game, the Oz themed zombie game we reported on recently, or a new Alice game called Alice: Otherlands. However they will not make both.