Nvidia shows of the final firmware for Shield, pre-loaded games and a behind-the-scenes look

Nvidia has published a blog post going into detail about the behind-the-scenes effort regarding their Android-powered handheld gaming device called Shield. In case you’ve missed it, the pre-orders are live for these devices as of May 17th and will run you $350 to snag one right now. While the behind-the-scenes look is pretty interesting, Nvidia has posted another video which showcases the final firmware of Shield, pre-loaded games that will come with it and more.

Up until now the firmware has been worked on and it looks like Nvidia is finally happy enough with it to call it a final build, at least for the device’s launch. As with any firmware there will be updates that happen and new features added, just like anything else running Android. Nvidia also shows off some pre-loaded games which will be coming with the device: Sonic 4 Episode II and Expendable Rearmed.

While the video seems more like a commercial than anything else, at least we get to check out the final firmware and some games in action on it. If you want to pre-order one, just hit up our previous article which has all the retailers who are offering up Nvidia’s Shield for sale.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Blog

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