Hidden Gem: Super Ping-Pong lets you play as both players

Super Ping-Pong by Urara Works is one of those games that ends up flying under everyone’s radar until someone comes up to you and tells you to check out this cool little game. Well that is basically what has happened here, where Super Ping-Pong slipped by most people until someone posted about it on our forums and we checked it out.

This is a retro style game that is pretty much as the name suggests, a Ping Pong game. The only difference between this game on actual Ping Pong is that in Super Ping Pong you will be playing as both players… at the same time. So yes, you’ll be kicking your own ass in this game.

You can supercharge your characters when they fill up their spirit aura bar, giving them 2X the points when said aura materializes. As you play through the game you’ll be leveling up your players, making them more skilled so that when you challenge yourself to another match, it won’t be so easy beating yourself.

If you are not playing Ping Pong, there are some mini-games to play in this that will earn you extra coins, such as shaking the money tree who happens to look like a sad tree. Probably because you’re stealing all his money. Either way if you’re up for a rather unique game you might want to check out Super Ping Pong, it’ll cost you a whole lot of nothing to download and play.

Google Play Link: Super Ping Pong

Forum Discussion: Ping Pong Thread

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