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Nvidia’s New Device May Be A Hybrid Of PC And Mobile Gaming

Nvidia Shield 2 rumors have been reported on DroidGamers among many other sites. The newest rumor is that Nvidia is working on something that will connect to TVs via an HDMI cable. While the Nvidia Shield is capable of this, the new device would require an additional controller, which is in line with the recent Shield Tablet rumors. However the controller is said to be a budget controller, though personally I hope they don’t sacrifice too much in the way of usability and comfort for the sake of giving the lowest price possible.


Samsung and Barnes & Noble Team Up For Co-Branded Nook Tablet

On Thursday, in an impressive effort to bolster consumer interest in its well received Nook line of tablet computers, Barnes & Noble Inc. has announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. to release a co-branded Nook tablet. The upcoming device will be a re-purposed Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, called the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. The co-branded tablet is expected to launch in August, with Nook software pre-installed on the device.