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Hardware News

Nvidia unveils their Tegra Note reference device, letting OEMs offer Tegra 4 for as little as $200

Nvidia today finally unveiled their Tegra Note which is a reference device that shows off their Tegra 4 platform. What this does is allow manufacturers to offer the Tegra 4 platform to create 7″ tablets for as little as $200. Basically this means manufacturers can use this tablet as a starting point, enabling them to quickly bring their own branded 7″ tablet to market much more quickly by using this one as the base model.

Hardware News

Nvidia’s rumored Tegra Tab 7 gets benchmarked, scores pretty high

If you follow the news about upcoming or rumored Android devices then you are probably already aware that Nvidia is rumored to be making their own Android tablets. The tablets, which are apparently named Tegra Tab, are also rumored to have both a 7″ version as well as a 10″ size. Well it seems as though one of the rumored tablets isn’t that much of a rumor anymore as it appears to have been benchmarked.

Hardware News

The new Nexus 7 Android tablets are now official. Android 4.3 also announced.

As pretty much the entire Android community knows, this morning is Google’s breakfast press event where pretty much everyone knew Google was going to officially announce the new Nexus 7 Android tablet along with the new 4.3 version of Android. Most everything was already known about this refreshed tablet through a variety of leaks but there were some surprise features announced as well as confirmation of some specs that were not 100% known to be fact.

Hardware News

Toshiba’s Tegra 4 Android tablets make an appearance on Amazon and Best Buy

While we all knew that Tegra 4 devices were on the horizon, it seems as though Toshiba wanted to get their Tegra 4 tablets out before anyone else and have quietly had their new line-up of Android tablets make an appearance on both Amazon and Best Buy. Back in June the company did say that they would be releasing their new line-up, strange to see them actually hitting retail outlets on time.