Day: August 12, 2013

Game News

Deus Ex: The Fall will finally be arriving onto Android next month

Having already been out on iOS for a short period, Square Enix will finally be bringing Deus Ex: The Fall to Android next month. According to a blog post over on the official Deus Ex website, the developers announce support for the iPad 2 before going over a bunch of details regarding that. After all the information there is a quick note at the bottom of the post announcing that the Android version is also on its way finally.

Game News

DashClock gets a new widget for seeing who’s online on Xbox Live

Generally when we are talking about an application on Android it is usually either some sort of companion application for an already existing game, an emulator or a fan made application like a Live Wallpaper. This time we are actually talking about a non-gaming application getting an add-on made for it that deals with gaming. If you happen to use DashClock, there is now a widget that allows you to see what friends are online on Xbox Live.

Hardware News

Is Amazon looking to get into the console business with one of their own?

A couple of days ago news broke that Amazon was possibly getting into the Android-powered console with a unit of their own that is apparently in development right now and could see its release by the end of this year. While this news is filed under the ‘Rumors’ category of news, it does make sense that Amazon would do this considering they tend to mimic whatever the current hot trend is with Android.

Game News

DeNA’s FPS game The Drowning will finally be launching onto Android soon

DeNA’s latest big hit game The Drowning has been out on iOS for a short period of time now and while the game itself has received a lot of high praises, the free-to-play the game comes with seems to be a bit of a hot topic of discussion. You may remember us talking about this game when it was first announced back in December of last year where it was officially confirmed for iOS but we hit up Ben Cousins on Twitter to get confirmation that it would also be arriving for Android as well.