Day: 13 August 2013


Crescent Moon Games’ upcoming Mines of Mars gets a new trailer

Earlier this month we talked about Crescent Moon Games who happens to have a few titles on the way to Google Play in the very near future. One of those titles also happens to be trying to get on Steam through the Greenlight project and is called Mines of Mars. Well the fine folks over at Crescent Moon Games have released another trailer for this game showcasing more of the gameplay that will be arriving with Mines of Mars.


Leisure Suit Larry saunters back onto Google Play after brief absence

From time to time we get a big game released onto Google Play that ends up getting pulled almost immediately after the game has launched. This is usually due to some technical error with the game that needs to be fixed and also to make sure that a bunch of people don’t download the game, experience the bug and leave bad ratings and reviews. This is basically what happened with the new Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded.


Nvidia’s rumored Tegra Tab 7 gets benchmarked, scores pretty high

If you follow the news about upcoming or rumored Android devices then you are probably already aware that Nvidia is rumored to be making their own Android tablets. The tablets, which are apparently named Tegra Tab, are also rumored to have both a 7″ version as well as a 10″ size. Well it seems as though one of the rumored tablets isn’t that much of a rumor anymore as it appears to have been benchmarked.


Japanese arcade bans smartphones and especially Puzzles & Dragons

Apparently a Japanese arcade has decided to take steps to ensure that the fine folks who are in their arcade are spending money and not sitting around playing mobile games instead. So what did this arcade do to try and persuade patrons to spend their money on the arcade’s games? Ban smartphones of course. While this is definitely filed under the ‘Humor’ category of news, there is some interesting things to note about this situation.


Choose Your Own Adventure is looking to come to Android with new series Choose ‘Toon

Choose Your Own Adventure will officially be coming to Android, should they find success on Kickstarter and meet the stretch goal for it, and they are going to be bringing with them their own unique style of Adventure/RPG books. This franchise, which is owned by Chooseco, is similar in style to Fighting Fantasy books and Tin Man Games with their Gamebook Adventures. In fact Choose Your Own Adventure has been around for almost as long as Fighting Fantasy has with regards to their physical books.