Choose Your Own Adventure is looking to come to Android with new series Choose ‘Toon

Choose Your Own Adventure will officially be coming to Android, should they find success on Kickstarter and meet the stretch goal for it, and they are going to be bringing with them their own unique style of Adventure/RPG books. This franchise, which is owned by Chooseco, is similar in style to Fighting Fantasy books and Tin Man Games with their Gamebook Adventures. In fact Choose Your Own Adventure has been around for almost as long as Fighting Fantasy has with regards to their physical books.

Choose Your Own Adventure had books across a variety of genres though and not just fantasy ones. They became quite popular back in the day and still are. Now the company is looking to get in on the mobile gaming scene but are aiming their cross-hairs at the Android using kids out there instead. While Tin Man Games certainly has the more adult population covered with their Fighting Fantasy remakes and their own original Gamebook Adventures series, Choose Your Own Adventure will be releasing cartoon books for kids to enjoy on their tablets called Choose ‘Toon.

Of course all of this hedges on the fact that the company’s Kickstarter campaign is successful. Chooseco is looking to secure $130,000 in funding which will allow them to develop the first in their new Choose ‘Toon series of interactive adventure books for tablets. The first book will be called Your Very Own Robot’s Choose ‘Toon and will take approximately 32 minutes to get through if you read/interact with it from start to finish in one sitting. This doesn’t include reading the book again and again, making different choices and getting different endings to the book.

Right now there is 30 days left in their Kickstarter campaign and if you’re up for helping out then you can head on over to their Kickstarter page and drop a few bucks on them. You can also check out their pitch video below.

Website Referenced: CYOA Kickstarter

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