Day: 22 July 2013


Games Workshops’ next title will be the classic board game Chainsaw Warrior

Games Workshop is a company known for a few big franchises that have been around for awhile and have graced a variety of platforms including physical games. We now have some of their games making the journey to mobile as well with one of the most recent titles to come from the Games Workshop catalog being Talisman Prologue. Well you can look forward to another board game coming your way soon called Chainsaw Warrior.


Kerosene Games releases Bounty Arms early onto Google Play

While a lot of Android gamers have been waiting for Kerosene Games and Open-Reset’s side-scrolling action game Bounty Arms to arrive onto Android since we started covering it heading our way over a year ago, the game has seen its fair share of delays and long development time. Last week we reported that the game would finally be launching onto Android on July 26th, 2013 but in an ironic twist of fate, Bounty Arms actually got released earlier than planned.