Day: July 17, 2013

Game News

Touch of Death is about sweet sweet revenge and bursting people’s hearts

There is a new martial arts themed game on Google Play called Touch of Death which sounds like a bit of a cheesy 1980s ninja movie title. Developed by Sharkbomb Studios, Touch of Death is all about avenging your master and friend who was ruthlessly attacked and killed. As not only his student but his friend as well, you’ll be setting out to take out anyone and everyone involved in this incident.

Hardware News

Toshiba’s Tegra 4 Android tablets make an appearance on Amazon and Best Buy

While we all knew that Tegra 4 devices were on the horizon, it seems as though Toshiba wanted to get their Tegra 4 tablets out before anyone else and have quietly had their new line-up of Android tablets make an appearance on both Amazon and Best Buy. Back in June the company did say that they would be releasing their new line-up, strange to see them actually hitting retail outlets on time.