PlayJam’s GameStick will absolutely be released this August

In more hardware new, PlayJam has issued a statement confirming that the delays they have been experiencing recently which has postponed the shipping of their portable Android-powered game console called the GameStick isn’t a factor anymore. The company says that it will absolutely make the new August deadline for getting units out to those of you who have purchased one already.

The reason for the delays are not bad ones, the volume of units needed to be manufactured was a lot larger than expected thanks to the large amount of Kickstarter backers as well as pre-orders for the GameStick. There was also the controller redesign that took play, making it look a hell of a lot better than it did. Lastly, the company still had to finalize the actual UI for the console for production units.

The orders and pre-orders, and the number of backers on Kickstarter meant that our volume went larger, and the product feedback also meant that we had a lot more suggestions than we had originally planned for. – Playjam Head of Games Sameer Baroova

Should everything go smoothly, which the company is very confident that it will be, there will be an initial trial run of 300 units. If all goes well from that point, full production run will begin with units starting to ship out sometime in August.

Website Referenced: Joystiq

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