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Game News

Punch hostile animals in the face with Fist of Awesome, now available for Android, Ouya and GameStick

Back in November of last year we reported on the Kickstater for a game called Fist of Awesome hit up Kickstarter for funding which it eventually got successfully. Since then we’ve watched this game get developed and now it is finally time to enjoy punching random hostile animals in the face as Fist of Awesome is now available on Google Play as well as for Ouya and GameStick.

Hardware News

PlayJam’s GameStick delayed until August due to its UI development

PlayJam’s GameStick Android-powered portable game console happens to be one of the rather popular devices in this new category of Android gaming. Having had a successful Kickstarter campaign, plenty of positive feedback from the community and a redesign of the unit itself, it has come a long way from being just a concept. While the device was slated to launch this Summer, close to when Ouya would officially be released as well, PlayJam has announced that the unit’s launch has been delayed by a short bit.

Game News

PlayJam’s GameStick gets the rebooted Boulder Dash collection from Herocraft

Recently Herocraft, in conjunction with First Star Software, released a remake of the classic Boulder Dash games called Boulder Dash-XL. While this game features the same hectic style of gameplay as the classic version did from a long time ago, the visuals have been completely redone with a more 3D look to them. There are also a couple of other features that this reboot comes with to bring it more into the modern times.