XBMC for Android gets support for Airplay and more in new pre-release build

With XBMC for Android soon being available for both Android devices as well as the Ouya and GameStick consoles, the developers have been hard at work adding new features to the application. In the latest pre-release build, XBMC now comes with support for Apple’s Airplay as well as a variety of other new features and fixes.

For those of you unfamiliar with XBMC, this is an open source media player / media sharing application that was originally going to be for the Xbox but ended up going open source where it has evolved into what it is now. With the addition of support for Airplay, this will let any Android device act as a receiver for Airplay without the need to use any other third-party workarounds. So now someone can mirror their iOS games or movies onto your Android device that has XBMC installed onto it.

Another change in XBMC is that media played in the Android browser will now be able to use XBMC as its default player. Other tweaks and features in this new release include automatically adding ripped CDs to the music library, ripping support for AAC and WMA, new settings descriptions, locked profiles and general performance tweaks.

You can download the latest build over on the XBMC official website but keep in mind this is a pre-release build so there could very well be bugs.

Official Website: XBMC

Website Referenced: Engadget

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