PlayJam GameStick owners now have two HyperDevBox games available to play

HyperDevBox has decided to release two of their games onto PlayJam’s GameStick Android-based gaming platform. The two games are Indy 500 Arcade Racing and the flying mech shooter ExZeus 2. As of today, both games are now available for purchase for the ultra-portable gaming system.

For those of you not familiar with either of these games, Indy 500 Arcade Racing is a throwback to the old school arcade racing games. You will be racing through a variety of courses against opponents, sitting in your Indy style car of choice, all of which is wrapped up in retro-style graphics. It’s a pretty fun little game if you’re a fan of the older style of racing games.

ExZeus 2 on the other hand, features some pretty high-end 3D visuals and fast-paced gameplay. Players will take control of their flying mech, zipping throughout your city as you take out a variety of enemies. You’ll also need to be sure to defeat the bosses you come into battle with as well, or you’ll not save your city. Along the way you will be able to upgrade and customize your robot with new weaponry as well.

If you own a GameStick, you can now pick up Indy 500 Arcade Racing for $4.99, while ExZeus 2 will set you back $5.99. Both games can be purchased through the links below.

GameStick Marketplace: Indy 500 Racing | ExZeus 2

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