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HyperDevBox holds a Summer Sale on all their games, discounting them for 45% off for a limited time

HyperDevBox has release a decent selection of Android games since they started doing mobile games a few years ago. Even though throughout all that time they have released only 11 games, all of them are top quality titles such as Record of Agarest War and ExZeus. Well now you have the opportunity to pick up any of their games on sale for 45% off their regular prices.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: HyperDevBox, Warhammer 40K, Neuroshima Hex and more

It’s Friday and that means it is time for another end-of-the-week round-up of Android games that are currently on sale over on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore. While this week’s list may not be as big as last week’s, mainly because that was a holiday weekend, there are still some good titles to snag at a discounted price. In fact HyperDevBox has their Agarest franchise on sale right now at around 40% off, which will save you roughly $15 if you buy both games.


HyperDevBox releases another game onto Android and this time it isn’t a massive RPG

HyperDevBox is known to release these massively sized Android games which usually are tactical RPGs or robot-filled arcade games such as ExZeus. Their newest game, which is now available on Google Play, isn’t either of those two types of games. This time it is an Indy racing themed game called Indy 500 Arcade Racing and this time the size isn’t that big, only weighing in at a mere 100MB.